take-control-of-brands-social-media-strategyToday 88% of business enterprises are using social media to help market their brands. Not all of these business are finding the same level of success. Businesses must continuously manage their social media platforms for sharing relevant content and growing a community.

To begin your marketing strategy you need to align your social media presence in a manner that is cohesive with your measurable business outcomes. You have to optimize your approach to social media. The best way to succeed at social media is through engagement with existing and prospective customers. This is one of the most crucial steps in implementing a marketing strategy through social media, you must stay at the top of your customer’s minds.

Businesses must also be able to identify who its customers are, and also the people who influence them. Managers have to appreciate how customers discover content, consume content and what provokes them to take action on social media. If marketing managers can understand these levels of customer thinking they can interact with customers more successfully.

Use these insights to ensure that your business is providing relevant and valuable content to buyers. If possible try and provide quality content that influencers on social media can use to further their objectives, in turn generating more interest around your business and brand.

One of the key stages of a social media marketing plan is the transition between taking a sales-oriented approach where managers are only using social media in an attempt to generate new leads to making efforts to attract and engage a community. Providing interesting content rather than simply promoting your brand through social channels. This creates a much stronger connection between customers and your brand.

To make the content appealing to customers, you should strive to make it as useful as possible, and not blatantly promotional. Managers should ensure that brand content and messages being shared on social media are timely, relevant and purposeful for your audience. It’s recommended that 75% of content posted to your business’ social media platforms should be useful and informative, these posts can be made up of original content or links to relevant sources. The remaining 25% of posts on your page should be promotion of the company’s brand.

Setting up a social media marketing strategy ensures that the business’ social content is easy, enjoyable and substantial for your businesses community. The marketing plan should be periodically examined to make sure that your social media strategy is still satisfying the customers of your business.

Based on the article from Virtual Social Media at http://www.virtualsocialmedia.com/optimize-brands-social-media-marketing-strategy