Copywriting services are essential for content creation. Content creation is essential for marketing and to attract (pull) quality prospects back to your website. Even though content and your messaging is a critical component to your company’s success, far too many companies write their own content and do not realize its working against them, not for them.

A bold statement, YES. However, most new companies we have conversations with initially do not have a compelling message, create little if any content and do not know where to fish for prospects. Most do not write blogs or even produce social media content on a consistent basis.

When there is pushback for an “outsider” to write content for them, the main argument is that “How can someone with no experience in my industry write content for us?”. They must have years of experience in this industry before they can possibly write content with any meaning!

Usually one of my initial replies is “How can you write compelling content when you do not have years of writing experience?”

This also applies to marketing. We market all types of clients, from a variety of industries and produce great results for them even though we may have had no prior experience in that industry. How do we do it? We are professional marketers and industry 99% of the time is irrelevant to our client’s success. Marketing is marketing and writing is writing.

That may seem to be a simplistic way of explaining how a good writer can write excellent content for virtually any industry. However, you can not argue with results. If the type of writing you are looking for is very technical or complex like writing a book explaining Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity to engineers, then maybe you need a writer that has experience within that industry. However, for the vast majority of content required by company’s like yours, a professional experienced writer would certainly produce stellar content.

It is important to realize that we are writing and creating content for your prospects consumption, not for your consumption. What do they really need to know? Do they need to spend years in your field before they are qualified to buy? Of course not, they want to know what they need to know about your industry, the products and services, how to buy and what to watch out for before they buy. Content is a way of educating your prospects so they can make informed decisions and lead them to a logical conclusion, to buy your products and services.

How do we gather ideas and information?
We do this through interviewing you and key members of your company. We look at what content or information such as brochures you have. Next, we look at the competitions content and similar industries to see what type of content prospects are consuming the most. What do they like? What do they not like? What type of content has created engagement? and so on.

What kind of writing or content is offered by The Leads Hub?
When most people thin of content, writing is what comes to the forefront. There are however many types of content that we can help you create. Below are some examples:

  • Blog writing
  • Scripts for Video Blogs
  • Article Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content for Magazine articles
  • ebooks, reports, and whitepapers
  • Social Media Content including text, images, and video.
  • Video scripts, storyboarding and video creation.
  • Interviews
  • Landing page and sales page copy

For more information on our writing and content creation services, please contact us at (647) 405-6711.