Videos for Websites

Affordable Videos for Websites starting at ($299)

Videos for websites are great for increasing your page ranking on search engines. In fact putting a video on a webpage will dramatically increase the odds of someone clicking on your webpage in search results versus a page that does not have a video.

We do a lot of work in local internet marketing and most Google My Business Listings (formerly Google Places) do not have videos. Having a video in your Google listing will give your listing a significant boost in ranking.

Here is a sample video. These are affordable videos for websites and Google+ listings.

We supply all the graphics and music. You supply the text and any photos or images that you would like incorporated into the video. It is also good to know the type of music you would like to hear as a background. This can be rock, classical, jazz, upbeat or easy listening.

Here is another video for a website that incorporates some audio from the client. Mike is a business coach that helps small businesses to achieve their goals.

Sometimes are clients are not really sure what text to put in the video. You can leave that up to us as well.  We can create a video in its entirety including the text.  We also offer a special price for multiple videos for your website or they can be used for social media profiles or postings. For a modest fee, we can also create a YouTube Channel branded for your business. Below is a video we created for one of our bookkeeping clients. Aslam works with many small businesses, retail and consultants.

The videos for websites and social media above are affordable videos for small businesses. We also create high-end videos at our studio or on location shoots including green screens. Contact us for more details.

We also create testimonial videos. These are likely the least expensive videos you can buy. Check here for details.

Videos for Websites that all small businesses can afford.