Whether you are looking for a simple one-page website or a large custom website with hundreds of pages, we are there for you from start to finish.

All websites we create are editable websites. We believe that you should not have to pay a web designer to do simple updates to your website like adding some text or adding a page. All websites come with training so you will know how (if you desire) to make modifications to your website.

WordPress and Joomla are the two main Content Management Systems (CMS’s) we recommend. A CMS is simply the system or platform you use to edit your website pages and control most of your website’s functionality”. Both platforms have thousands of plugins or components that are easily incorporated into your website to add functionally while saving you money as they don’t need to be built from scratch. For example, adding a plugin that manages a photo gallery or manages subscriptions.

Should you require custom programming, functionality, SQL databases, Java scripts or custom forms, it’s all in a day’s work for us. We know the available plugins well, so before we build a custom program, we may suggest a ready-made plugin (many are free) that will give you similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Our graphic designers will add that finishing touch to make your website look great. We also design landing pages, web banners, ebook covers, logos and anything related to websites.

We can also update your current site to the latest versions, add graphics, forms or functionality. We have also converted websites from one platform to another such as taking an HTML site and converting it to WordPress.

Our process for creating a website is quite different than most other web design companies. We don’t start by creating the graphic elements of your site first and then try to figure out your message and what keywords to use. That makes no sense. That is completely backward. If a web design company says they will do the design elements first, run!

You see the purpose of 99% of websites is to attract new business and generate revenue. Having a great looking website that nobody visits will not achieve your ultimate goal of increased revenue. The success of your website starts with building your website on a solid foundation. And the solid foundation I’m referring to is in structure and messaging of the site, not the design of the site.

We start with your end result and work backward. Here is our process.

  1. Work with you to clarify what your marketing message will be, the service you will offer and why prospects would buy from your company. We also determine what your ideal prospect look like in regards to location, size, industry, needs and wants. Lastly, we listen to you to find out what features, functionality and preferences you would like on your site.
  2. Now that we know what you are marketing and to whom you are marketing, we do keyword research to identify what keywords should be marketed. This probably the most important element in building your website on a solid foundation. From this analysis, we design your website structure, web process, and web flow. This is reviewed with you.
  3. This where the decision is made as to which platform (WordPress, Joomla or other) is best suited for your website. We also choose which plugins, extensions, components or modules are to be installed. We also select a template (CSS) that has some of the graphic design elements to use as a base template before we customize the look and feel for your business. Once installed we start to create the pages according to the messaging and keywords established. We also add the graphic design elements.
  4. In the last phase, we tweak the site functionality and design elements. Once approved, we begin on optimizing the site for search engines and the site goes live.

While we do not offer website hosting, we do recommend hosting companies. We believe that you should control your domain and hosting. Over the years, we have had many new clients come to us, not in control of their domain or hosting (controlled by a previous web designer or ex-employee). We will get you set up, migrate your website and set up all of your emails, etc. Should you have any difficulties with your hosting, we are there to help you manage any challenges.

At The Leads Hub, we are marketers first and designers second. We have great designers in house, they just get their direction from marketers. That puts us miles ahead of other website design companies. If you want your website to produce results, you are in the right place.

Call us today for a conversation on building a new website or updating your existing website.

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