Reputation Marketing- What you need to know

Google has recently made a number of significant changes in regards to how websites and Google “My Business” pages (previously Google Places) are ranked and how they are displayed. You will notice that some listings and pages have reputation scores (0-stars to 5-stars) while others have no score and zero reviews.

If your business depends on acquiring new local customers, it is imperative to have a high score.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes. After a local search, they are reviewing the results and deciding who to contact. Do you think they will call a company with a 5-star rating, a company with a lower 3-star rating or a company with no rating at all?

Almost always, the company with the 5-star reputation will get the call

Reputation Marketing or Reputation Management?

We are experts at online reputation marketing. Yes, I said reputation marketing, not reputation management. One is proactive and the other is reactive.

Part of the reputation marketing service we provide is to help companies with no rating or a low reputation score. We can help most companies if your current online reputation needs improvement.

However, our main focus to help company’s like yours achieve and maintain a 5-star rating. If your company already enjoys a 5-star rating, please do not take it granted. Your 5-star reputation is only one bad review away from being in jeopardy!

Providing reporting, reputation monitoring, education and marketing your online reputation is only part of our services. We also create a 5-star culture at your business and teach your entire staff how to promote and get more 5-star reviews.

This applies to any size and virtually any type of business. Whether you’re a small business, a retailer, a service business or a multinational company, your online reputation will be the deciding factor as to whether a potential customer will call you or your competition.

If your ranking high on the first page of Google local, congratulations. However, if your reputation is less th5-star star rating, all your company is doing is promoting a bad reputation.

If this message sounds a little harsh, it is meant to set off alarm bells at your business. These are recent changes to Google and many companies will be in for a big shock when the phone stops ringing or they become aware of the bad reviews out there for all to see.

We encourage you to contact us to find out more about how we can help your company maintain a 5-star rating with reputation marketing.

However first, I encourage you to run our FREE Reputation Report. Do it right now!

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It only takes a minute you will instantly see what search engines like Google are saying about your local online reputation.

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