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In our experience, most web design companies and web marketing companies are “techies“ or “Graphic Designers“. Their interest is in designing a website that looks professional and functions as it should. Most know little about target marketing, conversions and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

That is where The Leads Hub stands apart from the crowd.

We are marketers first, search engine experts second and website designers third.

Note: We have recently (February 2017) rebranded from “IED Web Marketing” to “The Leads Hub”. During this rebranding, you may see IED Web Marketing mentions or logos in some of our reports and videos. We are in the process of replacing and updating these reports and videos in the coming weeks.

We are not your typical Web Design Company & Web Marketing Company.

99% of the time, the purpose of your website is to generate sales leads and attract new customers. So the question is simple, would you a hire a designer, a techie or a marketing expert to help you build a website to generate sales?

We start by helping you define your message and your target audience. Next, we do the keyword research to identify the best keywords to be marketed for the greatest impact. Then we design your website around your keywords and your companies messaging.

While creating and updating websites is one of the services we provide, the bulk of our work relates to optimizing websites, search engine optimization and internet lead generation. We also offer search engine marketing strategies including one-way backlinks, article marketing, video creation, video marketing, Google Adwords, reputation management, auto responder management, content writing, social media management and more.

Conversions are one of the most overlooked components on websites. Getting a bunch of traffic to your site won’t do you any good if your visitors don’t take any action. That is the whole point of your website, isn’t it?

We will advise you on different strategies to increase the likelihood of a visitor taking some action.

Since 2007, we had been building our own websites such as the International Expert Directory. Shortly thereafter after receiving numerous requests for our expertise, we started to offer website design and internet marketing services to a few of our clients. It did not take long for the word to get out and the requests for our services just kept pouring in and continue to this day.

The Leads Hub (formerly IED Web Marketing) is one of the few internet marketing companies that have embraced “Local Internet Marketing”. While we continue to assist clients with their global search rankings, we realize that many of our client’s customers are local consumers or businesses.

Local Internet marketing and mobile marketing are in their infancy. Now is the time to secure great local rankings for our clients before the competition wakes up. The sooner companies enter the local market the better. In 12-months, the competition will be much more competitive and more costly to those who do not jump in (to local internet marketing) with both feet today.

With the recent introduction of Reputation Scores, having lots of 5 star online reviews from customers is now critical to increase your conversions. We have invested significantly in reputation marketing. This involves helping clients to get more reviews, get more 5 star reviews and marketing those reviews in all the right places.

If websites or internet marketing seems a little intimidating, we take pride on making the process easy. We can save you a lot of time and money and give you the expert advice you need on anything relating to internet marketing. Book a free 20 minute consultation now, you will be glad you did.

Of course, if you are too busy or your brain has no room to learn this stuff, we would be pleased to manage any or all aspects of your website and internet marketing initiatives.

We believe in educating our clients. There is a lot of noise out there regarding Internet marketing and we do our best to simplify web design and web marketing. We encourage you to watch our 5 minute video series “How to Rank on the First Page of Search Engines“. We also have many reports in the works and starting in 2017 will start to interview other experts who specialize in different lead generation techniques, tactics and strategies.

Contact Us today or call at (647)405-6711 to find out how we can help you attract customers.

The Leads Hub is a Toronto Web Design Company & Web Marketing Company