Local Online marketing is in its infancy and not many companies (or SEO companies) are familiar with what local internet marketing can do to attract new business. In its simplest form, local internet marketing is using the internet to attract new local business.

Years ago your customers would search the printed yellow pages to find your company. Today, your customers use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your company. The question becomes how do I get listed on the first page of search results?

The answer is local internet marketing.

You can optimize your website to compete for local search terms. You can also appear in local search results even if you do not have a website. For example, let’s say you are a plumber, looking for new clients in New York. As soon as you type in a location as part of your search term in the Google example below for “Plumber New York” , Google will display (see the picture below) the top three local search results as Google My Business Listings (previously Google Places) followed by regular search results (websites) for that search term. The top 3 listings under the map are Google “My Business” listings.

If you were to click on the “More Places” link, you would see other Google “My Business” listings for all local companies competing in that category or keyword phrase. They are ranked in order of how well each of the listings are optimized and also how far you drill down on location. For example, if you zoom in on a location to a neighborhood level, any company within that neighborhood will eventually display regardless if they are optimized or not.

The reality is that most people searching do not go past the first page. Therefore if you not in the top listings, chances are you will not be on your prospects radar. If you notice that your company is not displaying, it could mean that either there is no listing for your company or your company is categorized incorrectly.  are

If you notice that your company is not displaying, it could mean that either there is no listing for your company or your company is categorized incorrectly. To be sure, I suggest you fill out the form below with your company phone number. A report will run and advise you whether or not you have a Google “My Business” listing as well as advise you where you are listed and where you are not. If your business is not displaying, either contact us or contact Google to add your listing.

Mobile marketing also ties in well with local internet marketing as most smart phone searches are for local search results. There are more searches on smartphones today than searches on computers. When you do a search on your mobile device, most times search engines will display the local listing first. After all, you are on a mobile device and algorithms are set to display local results first thinking your looking for a local business versus one across town.  It only makes sense to tap into this vast market.

If you look at the regular search results closely, you will see that they may include a number of local directory listings, Yelp, Kijiji or craigslist listings for example. This is how you can get listed in the local listings without having a website. Local listing results also convert better than global listings. Why would someone search for a plumber in New York if they were not looking to connect with a plumber? The same applies to other businesses and locations. Chances are you would not search out a business coach in Toronto to say hi! You would search because you need a business coach in Toronto.

Increase Your Ranking in Local Searches
There are a number of stats that Google takes into account to determine your “My Business” rankings. The top metric is social proof. Search engines are looking for social proof that you are who you say you are. What they are looking for is citations (local proof) associated with your company. A citation is your exact company name, address and phone number found in local directories. How many citations your company has is the number one factor in ranking your “My Business” listing. The Leads Hub can help your business to secure additional citations to improve your company’s ranking.

You may have also noticed that company listings also have one to five-star ratings. These are based on reviews that Google finds, complies and associates with your “My Business” listing. While reviews do not affect your ranking, they do have an effect on conversions. Thin of it this way. If you were going to reach out to a business for service, would you call the company with no reviews, a 3-star reputation or a 5-star reputation score. The 5-star will almost always get the call. Ideally, your business wants to be in the top three listings with a 5-star reputation score. We can help you get more reviews and more 5-star reviews to increase yor reputation score.

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