Many companies whether a small business or a large corporation require some assistance to get a good return on investment (ROI) from social media.

The vast majority of businesses that use social media use it for the intent of lead generation. Some use for branding or to field customer inquiries, however, most use to generate sales leads. Social media is a great marketing vehicle to grow your list and generate sales leads. We can help you to develop a social media strategy, create content, engage with your community and manage your social media accounts. Our team has expertise in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogging, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and other digital media platforms.

There are two sides to Social Media Marketing, Content and Engagement.

Social Media Content Services
Having worked with many different businesses, one of the biggest challenges they have is creating compelling content. What do I say, when do I post, should it be text, images, infographics, memes or video?

With social media platforms like Facebook, if your audience does not interact with your content on a regular basis, Facebook will stop displaying your content in their feeds. Therefore it is important to get and keep your community active by commenting, sharing, liking and so on. Posting your latest promotion or corporate fluff will likely not engage your audience on a regular basis.

We can help you to create compelling content that will keep your community and prospects engaged.

Social Media Engagement Services
It’s not just pumping out sales information about your company in a one way conversation. The “Social” part of social media is interacting with contacts, prospects, and influencers. This means commenting, tagging, direct messaging, re-tweeting, in general having social contact with prospects to develop a relationship. This is crucial to your success.

We join groups and reach out to influencers to generate interest in your products or services. An influencer is a person, blogger or entity (like a news organization) that has a large following that shares an interest in topics, products or services related to your industry.  Should we get on an influencers radar, it could mean a flood of interested and relevant prospects to your website.

We also get followers, friends, likes and shares on your behalf. While you can develop good contacts on social media, very few businesses sell on social media. Generally we recommend to take your conversations offline or to your website. This is another area where social media experts can help you. We can help you develop landing pages on your website to increase conversions.

Social Media Advertising Services
Sometimes initially it makes sense to boost posts or run online advertising campaigns on various social media platforms. Our experts at The Leads Hub will create banners, online text ads, do the keyword research, create and monitor your campaigns and create landing pages to convert prospects into customers or clients. Sometimes the goal is to get more likes, more subscribers, increase reach and sometimes it is to generate sales leads. We would welcome a conversation with you.

Do you ever wonder how so many professionals with thousands of followers have the time to create content, engage with the community and keep on top of their social media? The answer is, most have hired a social media expert to manage their social media. Social media can take a huge amount of time from your day if you do not know the tools and strategies to get more done in less time. Not only will we manage your accounts, we will also show you insider strategies should you wish to manage your own accounts a few months down the road.

To get the most of social media, please contact us today or book a free 20 minute social media consultation.