The number one challenge for businesses today is the ability to generate new business leads on a consistent basis. These training modules will enable your small or large business to consistently and systematically identify, attract and close new customers.

In this intensive training course, participants will learn how to effectively find and generate sales leads for your business. The course can be delivered in a group or one on one sessions via Zoom, videos and workbooks. Depending on location, some training may be delivered on location.

Unlike most other training, these sessions are customized to your company to ensure you are learning only what is relevant to your business. After each lesson, you will put into works what you have learned before moving on to the next training module. This ensures that on completion of the training, you will have effective strategies in place, not just theory.

Below are the various digital marketing trainings available.

  1. Marketing To Your Target Market

    • Identifying your ideal target market.
    • Why prospects buy and why they don’t.
    • Unique selling proposition.
    • Develop marketing plan.
    • Converting prospects to clients.
    • The stadium pitch.
  1. Content and Copywriting

    • Copywriting dos and don’ts’s.
    • Content creation strategies.
    • Using AI to create content.
    • Optimization.
    • Content marketing and distribution.
    • Multi-purposing content.
  1. Search Engine Optimization

    • Keyword research.
    • On page Optimization.
    • E-commerce optimization.
    • Technical SEO.
    • Analytics.
    • Tools.
  1. Search Engine Marketing

    • Backlinking
    • Indexing
    • Tiered linking.
    • Internal linking.
  1. Paid Advertising

    • Funnels and landing pages.
    • Google Text and Display ads.
    • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).
    • LinkedIn advertising.
    • YouTube Advertising.
    • Tik Tok Advertising.
  1. Social Media Marketing

    • Overview of social media.
    • Social media strategy.
    • Content and Design.
    • Canva and other tools.
    • Influencer marketing.
    • Review each social media platform.
    • Optimization.
    • Analytics.
  1. Video Marketing

    • Tools and video creation.
    • AI.
    • Distribution.
    • Optimization.
  1. Email Marketing

    • Cold vs warm emails.
    • Proper set up.
    • Types of campaigns.
    • Platforms.
  1. Website Design

    • Platforms.
    • User Interface.
    • Desktop design.
    • Mobile first.
    • E-commerce.
    • Landing pages.
    • Tools for speed and security.
    • Internal linking.
  1. 10. Referral Marketing

    • Affiliate marketing.
    • Referral marketing.
    • Tools.
  1. Sales

    • Objections
    • Sales scripts
    • Conversion

These trainings are for both small and large companies. Please select the trainings of interest and enter your details below. Once complete, we will set up a Zoom or phone meeting to review your options and then we will provide a proposal for your review.

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