Being an online company can work seamlessly for you and your employees but that doesn’t mean it always does for your customers. It can become tricky to prove to your customer base that you are still valuable and credible when you don’t have a physical location.

It is common in this day and age to have a business solely online, but many customers do have the mindset of wanting to see a physical location. To gain this customer base’s trust you will need creative ways to earn that trust.

Creditability must always be earned, and the best way is to deliver high quality customer service while reinforcing the company brand.

Below are four tips that can help to attract and retain customers online.

#1: Think of your website as your storefront

Your website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate, and familiarize newcomers. In a service focused market if your website looks homemade or unprofessional there is a low chance to make it. You will want to use smart web tools and a reliable host, and keep it current. Invest in the website telling your story and telling it well and create something like a bio page for yourself and employees to help humanize the company.

Finally make sure that your content is compelling, professional and error free.

#2: Ask and instruct your customers on how to do the talking for you

In every business word of mouth matters but when you are an online business it’s even more critical. After you have served your customers well ask them to share the experience on social media or other places with testimonials.

Also, it is a good idea to start your own social media platforms and post on a regular basis. This can be a great place to gain credibility but also to expand the people you reach.

#3: Seek out opportunities to share how wonderful you are

Are there award categories in your field of work? If there is submit an entry. It can be very valuable to win awards from your peers or industry leaders.

Can’t find any awards? Another way to gain credibility is to look for certifications. Recognition through awards can show your company is valued by other organizations but certifications show that you and your employees are always working to improve your skill sets.

#4: Publically remind your customers they made a smart choice

As an online business publicity is important. It’s also important for new and potential customers to see you and your employees being quoted in media coverage, because it can remind them that it is a good choice to choose your company. If you have a prospective customer that is concerned about your online business model, share with them a link of press quotes showing
your expertise is a great way to move forward.

Do you agree with these tips? Any others that you can recommend for newer online businesses? Please share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Based on an article by David & Carrie McKeegan at