Sales ProcessSocial Media can serve as a gateway for high quality leads. To be able to utilize social media to its fullest potential can easily become as a competitive advantage for any business. Targeting your customer or audience no longer means creating an advertisement to catch their attention; it’s about creating an online environment for sharing information. Advertising has now become secondary to the new methods of lead generation. The fundamental rule of social media that businesses need to remember is the impact of information sharing. Spreading knowledge about your business help your customers make better decisions. It is also important to remember to interact and start a conversation with your audience, instead of directing the message in a single stream. You might think this is easier said than done, when in fact it can be if you consider these 6 strategies to generate more leads.

Crowdsource Content and Build a Community

This is where most of the idea generation occurs. In producing high quality content, looking for inspiration and influence online is ideally where you want to start. This can be achieved by interacting with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and academicians to build a knowledgeable network. Building a community online with people outside the organization can add value to your to business.

Target Customer Personas

Too often businesses forget who they trying to target. Social media is not a free-for-all in hopes that the right people might see what you are posting. In order to enhance user experience to generate the right type of leads you are looking for, remember to address the right people. Develop a persona of your target audience to better understand the wants and needs to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Use Vine and Set The Stage to Become The Most Talked About Page On Facebook

It’s important to keep track of the latest social media trends to stay ahead of the game. Vine is the fastest growing Facebook page in the U.S; it’s a fun, easy and interactive way to get quick messages across through a short video.

Connect With Top Influencers and Make Your Content Go Viral

Just like crowdsourcing, where you were mining for the best people to build an online community with, it’s important to stay in contact with the top influencers who have chosen. Practicing regular outreach is a strategic method to make your content go viral. Top influencers have already established an online presence and respectively earned their spot. Mentioning them in your blog or commenting on their LinkedIn page helps increase visibility.

Stay Ahead of Your Competitors with Sponsored Posts, Tweets and Secret Tools

Promoting a post or sponsoring a post is a great tool to use to increase visibility. There are online tools available on all social media websites that act as advertisements but are built around content and exposure, rather than busy messages. Certain websites allow for even greater focus on your target audience by sending a message, blog or tweet to a specific group, narrowing it down to interest, geography, age and gender. Using analytical tools will also help narrow down the right audience to focus on.

Leverage the Power of Visual Content

It’s true that quality content is key; but that is only one component of creating the best communication model on social media. Visuals go hand-in-hand with any content you produce. Since 90% of the information that is transmitted is visual, social media is great at allowing for graphics and videos to complement your literature. The combination of the two will promote interest and increase content absorption.

The key is to incorporate the most important strategies for your business and business goals. The quality you put out online is guaranteed to generate a greater return for quality leads and customers.

Disclaimer: Based on the original article: 7 Key Strategies to Generate More Leads from Social Media