Content marketing is essentially telling your brand’s story and answering the questions your consumers have about your company, products or services. However, there is one other key element content marketing aims to achieve other than information, trust.

What it really comes down to is how your content facilitates trust between you and your customers.

Maximize Trust Through Content MarketingWith our society being bombarded and overloaded with information every day, it becomes increasingly important for companies to bypass the clutter and stand out to consumers by reaching out to them in a unique way. That is where trust comes in! When your brand works on building trust and relationships with customers, you build a brand that stands out among the rest.

Here are 5 steps you need to implement in your content marketing strategy to create a memorable brand to consumers.

Step 1) Define Your Audience and Outcomes

When writing your content, you need to consider who your audience is and why is what you are writing important.  Knowing who will be reading your posts helps deliver the right content to the right person and ensure it is meaningful to that person.

Step 2) Determine Content Type, Frequency and Location

This step involves putting your content in places where the reader will most likely read it and benefit from it. For instance, if your customers prefer email communication, then you need to cater to their needs by delivering it to them through that communication channel. You need to know where your customer is so that your message can be easily noticed.

Step 3) Share, Promote and Engage

As a brand, you want to make sure that your content is being recognized and available. When posting, make sure you are sharing your content on platforms that your customers are active on. That being said, you need to make sure you make your content stand out to your customers by giving them a reason to click on it and read it. When you notice your customers becoming engaged by liking, sharing or retweeting, take the time to create a bond with the consumer by thanking them for their support and showing them that they matter.

Step 4) Make Connecting with your Brand Simple

When you make your content, make sure that after posting it, customers can easily reach you. What this means is that when your posting content, make sure you provide the necessary information that a customer/reader needs to connect with your brand. Whether its providing an email, phone number or address it allows the customer the opportunity to communicate with your brand.

Step 5) Analyze Response, Optimize and Pivot

Now once you have posted, you need to monitor your content’s success. Are customers noticing and sharing your content? Are they engaging and interacting with your brand? If you see that customers are connecting or responding more to one particular post and ignoring others, your brand needs to focus on posting content your customers actually connect and participate with more. It’s that simple!

When you take these steps into consideration, you create a point of interaction that customers want because the message is being catered to their interests and needs. When your brand provides what the customer wants, you create trust.

Have you been implementing these steps into your marketing strategy?


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