5 Tips to Get Your Content Noticed and SharedEver wonder if your social media posts are getting noticed by your followers?

Here are 5 easy tricks you can use to make your content on social media engaging, interesting and captivating!

  • Tip 1) Search Popular Shared Content

When you are thinking about making your next social media post, you need to first conduct current trend research. In other words, you need to analyze what is the trending topic of the day or week that everyone is talking about or sharing? When you find that out, think of a way to incorporate your post around that topic to get your fans interested.

  • Tip 2) Share Great Slides

You cannot focus your content on just articles and posts. You also need to consider visuals when you are creating content. One way you can make your posts fun is using social media slides to tell a story. Using this type of media allows you to not only tell a story verbally but visually as well. As such, you get your followers more engaged and curious about what it is your posting about.

  • Tip 3) Discover Relevant Content

Along with looking for popular shared content, you need to focus on looking for relevant, interesting content. When we use social media, our goal is to examine what the current topics are on the web and that people are talking about. Using relevant content allows you as a business to stay relevant and appealing by building on that content and putting your input forward.

  • Tip 4) Find Interest Based Content

Interest based content is an ideal way to share with your fans what interests you as an organization. Whether it’s shopping, travel or sports, whatever interests you, most likely interests your followers as well. This type of content can be based from videos, blogs or articles as long as it generates importance to you and your fans.

  • Tip 5) Generate a Prompt

Whether you’re writing your first social media post or trying to find inspiration for another one, there are plenty of resources that can help you generate some ideas for the next great post! Some programs such as Portent for example give you a title and then it is your responsibility to create the content behind that title.

These are just some of the tricks that can help your business make your content creative, appealing and more importantly, stand out from the rest!

Have any tips you’d like to share of what worked and what hasn’t?

Based on the article entitled: 5 Tools to Help you Discover Great Content To Share with Your Fans by Yoav Vilner