blog imageGoogle+ hashtags are an efficient way for your Google+ profile to gain more exposure and if used correctly it can be a great way to for more people to see your posted content.

Google+ in addition to letting you create your own hashtags will auto-select related hashtags and trending topics to your post. This feature can be turned off if you would prefer to use your own.

Tip #1: Take Advantage of Shared Interests

Google+ will show users in your stream even when you are not connected if you have connections in common and use similar hashtags. Take advantage! Take note of the related topics to your post and make note of those results. Than in future updates, use both those hashtags along with your own. This can help you appeal to a larger audience and appear on their feeds.

Tip #2: Let Google+ Assign Hashtags

Google+ will add more relevant hashtags to your post giving you more reach. Again this feature can be turned off.

Tip #3: Find Your Own Hashtags

Now it’s time to come up with the most relevant hashtags that will give you the most reach. A quick tip for this is to use the Explore sections and search through related hashtags. Another option is to use the auto-suggest function.

Finally always remember to use #youbrandname in all of your Google+ updates!

Do you already utilize Google+ hashtags? Any other tips you would give to a Google+ beginner?

Disclaimer: Based on the article “How to Use Google+ Hashtags for More Exposure” by Ann Smarty at