2015-marketing-trendsThe online world is an ever changing one. From new social media websites, to trends that go viral and to new online etiquette, it is difficult sometimes to keep track of it all. In 2015, there is no sign of it slowing down. The focus is more on inbound techniques; businesses are finding more success publishing original content rather than embedding advertisements in external content. These are some of the new tactics to look out for in the next year for anyone looking to grow their business.

1. Content marketing will be bigger than ever

In order to gain the trust of your audience and earn some credibility, content marketing is one of the ways to do so. Posting relevant industry information provides insight and helps build rapport with the intended audience. These strategies are often seen on social media, articles on a business’ websites, case studies, videos and articles on other websites. By using one or more of these channels it creates more engaging content and makes the old ways of advertising less and less prominent.

2. Social media marketing will require more diversity

Social media websites are abundant in tools that can help anyone to grow in popularity, to create engaging content and to build an audience across more than one channel. Many of them offer that one-stop shop that wasn’t available before. Extending reach to attract new consumers helps promote the company brand and increase brand recognition.

3. Mobile-friendly content will be necessary

As it has already begun, we will see more and more that people are getting the information they need through their mobile devices. Therefore it is important to make any online content your business has, convertible and ready to use on a mobile platform. According to Forbes, 87% of connected devices sales by 2017 will be tablets and smartphones. This is a trend that is for sure to grow quickly and those not on board with the trend are likely to suffer.

4. Ad retargeting will grow in effectiveness

This is a marketing strategy that has really caught on recently, this works by utilizing browser cookies to track the websites that users visit. This way once they leave the website, then advertisements for that particular product or service will come across on other websites. This all works for brand retention, to get your brand in the evoked set of your consumer’s mind, where they will think of your brand when making a purchase. In the long run this type of advertising has big payoffs and a trend that will definitely pick up in 2015.

5. SEO and social signals will become even more intertwined

Social signals undeniably a part of search rankings these days and play a key role in SEO. Search engines try to offer relevant and high quality content, therefore the number of social shares that a blog or video receives it to be close to the top of the search engine page. Social signals are now known as stamps of approval, the more shares the more reliable that source is and more valuable it is to the audience.

Disclaimer: Based on the original Article: The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015