The Key M’s of Social Media Marketing


As a business, your concern is whether your message is getting seen by your consumers. That is why you need to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your posts. However, unlike traditional methods where you need to spend enormous amounts of time and energy to monitor success, today, there are platforms specifically designed to do the monitoring for you.  Why not take advantage of these platforms? They do all the monitoring, analyzing and tracking for you.


Once you launch your social media campaign, it’s time to plan out your posts and content, measure how far the message is conveyed and interact with your consumers. When you effectively manage your campaign, you show your consumers that you care and are ready to listen and interact with them.


Measuring means it’s time to look at the numbers! After you have activated your campaign, you need to measure the results by looking at how much traffic was generated to your website and social pages while examining the interaction and engagement to your content.


How much sales did the campaign generate? This is where you analyze your efforts and compare it to your return on investment. Ultimately, your campaign efforts need to be examined to determine whether your engagement levels proved successful to your bottom line.

Examining these 4 M’s for Social Media Marketing, does your business focus on these elements?


Based on the article entitled: The Four M’s of Social Media That All Marketers Should Master by Kevin Bobowski