Repurposing Blog Content for Social MediaInstead of spending time writing separate blog posts and social media content repurpose your blog content in new ways on your social media sites.

Repurposing blog content in different forms on various social media sites will help you reach people who would not have saw the content in its original form.

Here’s three steps to help repurpose blog content for social media:

  1. Rework Good Content
    First choose a piece of good content that has gotten good feedback, traffic, or information. Then look for the points that are optimal for repurposing on a social media platform.
  1. Adapt Your Content
    Choose the best format for your repurposed content for the social media platform you will be using. Twitter is a great place to post repurposed content as you can always direct back to the original post.
  1. Hire it Out
    It’s easy to outsource repurposed content and still have your voice heard. Create detailed instructions for what you want.

Do you already repurpose your blog content across social media platforms? Any tips you can share?

Disclaimer: Based on an article by Rebecca Livermore at