make-your-brand-stand-outDo you want customers to love your brand?

Well, like any relationship, your customer needs an emotional connection and attachment to your brand. That is why these 8 stages can help you make a connection with your customers that will last forever!

A) Determine Your Type: In the social media world, everyone has a digital profile of their business. That is why, as a business, you need to think about who your customer really is and determine if your digital profile is similar to your customer. In order to present the right profile to your customers, you will need to research who your customer is, what they do, what they like and what interests them. The more specific and detailed your profile is, the more interaction, engagement and connections you will get because the profile will directly speak to the consumer.
B) Tell Everyone You’re Looking: This is the part where your business goes out looking for the customer and the influencers that have the credibility and trust to get to your type of consumer. Try connecting with influencers and working together as a team to get the customer and both get benefits in the long run.

C) Look the Part: Knowing the customer’s needs is crucial. If you want to attract the right customer, you need to dress for the part. As a business, you need to determine what your customer is looking for, what catches their eye and where they interact and connect with businesses.

D) Look Into Their Eyes: This is where the business comes to life. Here the customer feels valued, understood and appreciated because as a business, you understand their needs, their wants and their desires. Connect, talk and spark a conversation among your customers so that there really is an open, trustworthy, real-life relationship where both you and the customer can talk and share.

E) Deliver Value: Does your brand add value to the consumer? What benefits does being a brand member give to the consumer? Show the customer tangibly what being a customer of your brand means and why it is the best brand to be a part of.

F) Ask For Commitment: The brand-consumer relationship is activated. Share with your customer what you want them to do whether it be to make a purchase or give them your contact information.

G) Keep the Spark Alive: Like any relationship, you need to make it last forever and ever. Re-examine your brand’s messages and ad campaigns and revitalize those communication channels to communicate your brand’s importance and value.

H) Gauge Your Performance: After implementing the steps and strategies, analyze your results. As a business, you need to determine if your efforts where successful and if there needs to be improvements. Relevant measures would include engagement level, conversion rate and traffic generated.
Be creative and get connecting with your customers!

Based on the article entitled: 8 Ways to Make Customers Love Your Brand by Imani Laners