Search Engine Optimization [SEO], is an initiative set out to help users of search engines find the highest quality and most relevant content possible.  SEO serves as the missing link between the consumer and the content.  SEO is an on going process of delivering the best possible user experience through organic search results.  Here are some keys to successful SEO:

Being Original is a Good Thing

Successful Tips to Search Engine OptimizationFind stories first, find stories often & figure out a variety of ways to make your topic compelling to your audience.  The ultimate goal should always be to get people to share, link to and even write about your content.

Make your article as interesting as possible for your reader-after all, they are the ones that will be reading it.  Impress them by making topics interesting and relevant from the eyes of your reader.  Don’t make your article too short or too lengthy; ideal length would be between 500-750 words for the best search engine optimization results.

Strategies behind your Headlines

Boring headlines can be similar to watching paint dry- its very un-entertaining.  Being the master of your content- all starts with the hook.  There is a difference between a great headline that captures the essence of something worth writing about versus a headline designed specifically to trick readers into reading.

If you are truly interested in resonating with the minds of your audience and establishing an ongoing strategy that captivates them, this can be done through strong, relevant and catchy headlines.  Discovering the headlines that work for you should be a continuous effort that will help connect your brand to your audience.

Better Content is always best

Content is King.  If you are looking for long-term sustainability and to capitalize from the effects of SEO, great content is very important for survival.  Great quality of content is good for generating high traffic bursts using of SEO practices.  If you can get your content to a respectable standard in the eyes of your audience, you have just produced a platform for which you can support all SEO best practices.

Offer value to each unique visitor entering your page and create situations where readers believe they have left with something specific.  When thinking of your content you should keep in mind the reasons why people should spend more time on your page- rather than elsewhere.  You audience will be more inclined to return again and on their own from this approach.

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