Most businesses today have invested a significant amount of time and resources into building up their social media network. Although some businesses may feel satisfied by the engagement they are receiving from their social presence, they may not be utilizing their networks to their fullest potential.

Social media is about public relations, and keeping an open dialogue with customers, however there are also opportunities to make money.


Here are five low-cost ways to generate sales from your social network.

  1. Instagram pop-up sales
    Independent business owners can offer products direct-to-consumers within seconds by snapping a photo and posting it. This can help even small companies reach a wider audience than they might be able to locally. Basing your entire business model on Instagram is less effective than offering flash sales on overstock through photos.
  2. Facebook ‘members only’ coupons
    Most companies use Facebook as their primary social platform, but many of these are unsure of how to use Facebook to gain more customers. By offering members only coupon codes that promise a discount to loyal followers you can refresh relationships and drive sales. You will also likely pick up new customers in the process.
  3. Kickstarter campaigns
    Kickstarter may not be the typical social media platform but it provides great potential for sales-generation. Many gaming companies use Kickstarter in conjunction with their other social media tools to generate sales before they even develop the game. This type of return on invest in advance is unheard of for small corporations. Kickstarter is a great way to test your market before committing significant funds to production and advertising.
  4. Blog Tours
    With some research you will find a group of bloggers willing to feature your product online. Some PR firms include these services as part of the social media packages they offer. Not all business models fit the blogger campaign however if your business already has a blog this can be a powerful way to generate sales.
  5. Twitter contests
    Smart companies have realized how to use twitter to generate profits.  Businesses can use mom-and-pop shops to ask the customers to vote on product design, color schemes and slogans to generate interest. This makes the consumer feel involved enough to purchase the merchandise.

Now you may re-evaluate your social media toolbox, stop wasting money on costly ad campaigns and start to generate new sales in an unconventional way.

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