make-your-website-personalized-for-every-customerWant to know how to make your website fit every customers need? When you personalize your website, you take into account that customers have various needs, wants, interests and motivations.

With technology today, you can easily gather information about your customer and tailor the information specifically to them.

Personalizing your website allows you to increase your traffic and conversions!

Of course, you may be thinking that personalizing your website has massive dollar signs attached. However, there are many low-cost options you can use to make your website stand out uniquely to each customer.

Here are the 5 easy ways to make your website cater to any customer.

  1. Visitor Frequency Should Determine Different User Experiences: Someone who has never visited your website is almost always going to be looking for different information than a person who has visited the site often. To determine these user needs, you need to track the individual. One way of tracking is using a cookie to help a repeat user make it easier to find information and steer them in the right path. To turn a first time visitor into a repeated visitor, you need to make sure they can see your business contact information and link them to areas that explain your product or service offering.
  2. Geo-location Helps Bring Together Online and Offline Marketing: As a business, you want to know where your customer is when they are visiting your site so that you can optimize their every step. For example, if someone is on their cell phone and they are steps away from your location, you can easily make that person a customer by having a coupon that states: “Get 30 % off when you come in today!” Ultimately, knowing where your customer is key.
  3. Adjust Content Based on Certain Times: Depending on the time of day or week, your content needs to be altered. For instance, when your business is closed, offer a contact form where the customer can contact you whereas when your business is open during its business hours, offer a phone number that they can easily contact you with. This is crucial since you want to ensure all your customers are served no matter what time of day it is.
  4. Recognize Holidays and Special Events: Personalizing your website by changing content to meet the special occasion is a great way to get interaction and engagement. When there is a holiday or special event, personalize your page by offering pictures and changing up the theme to meet that particular occasion. This shows that you are a real person who cares.
  5.  Capture the Visitor Source to Adapt Content: Knowing where the visitor came from and how they got to your website is extremely important. Having this information allows you to control what they see so that the message and information is consistent and seamless.

Are you using any of these techniques to make your customer experience a unique one? If so, which ones?

Based on the article entitled; 5 Tips for Designing Your Website To Serve Every Customer Individually by Zach Cutler