VideoMarketing Cover_tnVideo marketing is one of the more powerful approaches to online marketing for various reasons. When executed right, a single video lasting a couple of minutes can pull a potential lead in and get the person to join that mailing list or make that purchase.

It is also an effective way to convince others to take you seriously simply because video creation is something that actually takes effort. Anybody can design a plain and simple webpage full of hype text but people will take products, online opportunities and other content more seriously if an intriguing video takes the center stage.

Perhaps the best thing about video marketing is the fact that many marketers, both experienced and inexperienced, are hesitant to get started due to its seemingly complex nature. Having video presentation skills and graphics and animation skills definitely help but if you don’t possess those skills, there is still another way and you don’t have to pay anything either. These free ideas should give you the motivation you need to get involved with video marketing and gain the upper hand over those that ended up skipping this type of marketing approach.

Presentations Made Easy

If you are a well-versed in Web design, a good approach would be to spend more time in making a better website to promote whatever business you are in or products you are selling. But if you don’t have that skill, you can make a very basic page with a presentation video and let that video do the explaining. PowToon and emaze are two great free tools to try out and work entirely from your Web browser so you can create a video presentation out of all sorts of templates no matter what operating system you are using. It is also possible to share your creations immediately which is nice if you lack the time in doing some video marketing. Paying for these services may unlock additional features too although it is best that you get comfortable with the free plans and seek out alternatives.

We have more tips as well to help you to edit and distribute your videos for free. We created a report called “Free Ideas To Sharpen Your Video Marketing Edge”. Get your Free copy here.