Social Media allows for collective online communication dedicated to community-based input. The tools found on such social media sites offer a strategic advantage to businesses that use it to meet their business communication goals. Companies should focus more on how to be social, and less how to do social media. Quality content posted on social media provides better credibility and reliability any customer is looking for. The next few steps can help to better perfect your social media presence.

8-strategic-steps-to-improve-social-media-presenceStep 1: Build an Ark

The social media strategy should be shared by everyone within the company. Therefore, the first step is to develop a cross-functional team that can carry out the main strategy.

Step 2: Listen and Compare

In order to be part of a conversation and increase engagement, listening to your audience, customers and competitors can give your business good insight on the next step to make. Broadening your social listening will broaden your brand.

Step 3: What’s the Point?

Identify your primarily reasoning for using social media. What is it that you are trying to achieve and how can it best match your business goals?

Step 4: Select Success Metrics

Determine how your business will measure your online activity. Key metrics like ROI can easily translate the social media efforts, engagement to awareness and revenues for your business.

Step 5: Analyze Your Audiences

Knowing who you are trying to target will give you a clearer vision of how to communicate with them. Determining specifically your audience characteristics will also help choosing which social media medium to use.

Step 6: What’s Your One Thing?

Online traffic makes it difficult for one business to stand out. To gain exposure among your target audience is all about appeal and demonstrating to your audience why they should give your business their attention. For instance, Disney isn’t about movies, it’s about magic. Apple isn’t about technology, it’s about innovation.

Step 7: How Will You Be Human?

Conversing with your audience cannot be one way. It becomes difficult to forget interaction and engagement is critical. Whichever method you decide to share your information, it must spark some interest and have them feel comfortable to respond to anything you put out.

Step 8: Create a Channel Plan

This is where you decide which platform is best suited for your business, business needs and customer/audience. It should be a true extension to your business’ website to encourage participation. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to name a few, the channel in combination with the content you produce should support your overall strategy.

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