Value of the Mobile Website – You may be missing out on good traffic

Smartphone scanning QR codeOne of the top trends in Marketing for 2014 is all about the importance of mobile websites. Mobile websites are your average websites that have been optimized to function efficiently on any mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet. At least 30 percent of the overall online traffic is being attributed users who access the web and use search engines via their mobile devices and this number is growing at an exponential rate. As a matter of fact, a comScore report says that all mobile devices account for 60% of overall traffic (10% higher from last year’s report). This percentage includes the traffic that is gained from the multitudes of mobile apps from both ios and android devices.

However, many businesses have yet to see the real value behind a good mobile website. Here are a few good reasons why your business should get to work on a mobile website:

  1. It helps increase your website’s performance overall – Many individuals today don’t carry laptops everywhere they go. Many would simply use their smart phones to try to access a website. When people visit your site and it’s not mobile friendly, your site will take a long time to load, the whole site won’t easily appear on the small screen and many of the functionality on the site won’t work. A mobile website ensures your visitors have a pleasant experience overall when visiting your site.
  2. You may be missing out on good traffic – More and more individuals now own their own mobile device. They are cheaper than a laptop and definitely more convenient to take with them everywhere. A quarter of the web searches in the whole world is done on mobile devices. Google has even made a point to speak of the importance of mobile in the future of web searches. So to ensure a website ranks well in search engines, it better have a mobile friendly version.
  3. Helps manage your brand’s reputation online – If a person is having trouble accessing your website, they’ll remember it and go someplace else. This damages your reputation and in turn, affects your sales. On the other hand, if your mobile website is easy to use, people are more inclined to make purchases online. They will even remember it the next time they go online to make another purchase. Remember, majority of mobile device users use their smart phones or tablets to visit websites daily. So having a good mobile website is important.
  4. Your competitor is likely to have a mobile website – You shouldn’t be left out by the competition. If other businesses have mobile websites and you don’t, it is very likely that your customers will ignore your site and visit your competition. A good mobile experience makes customers feel that you value their business no matter what device they may use.

There are many more good reasons why a business should have an optimized mobile website. The goal is to make your online presence appealing and easy to use on many different devices. Mobile websites help make your site easier to read, easier to use and make it work faster. In just a few years, mobile browsing will be more popular than ever. It’s definitely a good idea to stay ahead of your competition and get your mobile site ready.