Can You Find Large Companies through Web Marketing?

Often when I run into people that are looking to acquire large size companies as new clients, when it comes to internet marketing or web marketing they will say “I only deal with large companies and large companies do not search the internet. Therefore investing in Search Engine Optimization is a waste of my time and money”.

I have seen many businesses acquire new large companies as clients through web marketing as well as through direct mail campaigns.

You must remember that people buy from people. Large companies are made up of lots people and its a matter of getting the attention of the right person at a large company to hear your marketing message.

I forget the exact percentage, but its something like 80% plus of people search the internet for information before making a buying decision. This also applies to large companies.

Everyone wants to cover their bases just to make sure a purchase does not come back to haunt them because they did not take the time to investigate all alternatives or to keep up with current products or services.

Therefore your big opportunity in web marketing is to market educational pieces that will talk to your prospect and get your company noticed. Web marketing is an effective way to position yourself as an authority or as an expert in your field. This could be writing articles, blogs, answering questions or commenting on forums and social media groups.

Educating your prospects big or small is a great way to attract new clients.

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