Content or content marketing is critical to improve Google rankings.

I am often asked “How do I rank my website on the first page of Google?”. I  always respond with ranking high is about identifying the right keywords, optimizing your website and acquiring good quality back links to your website.

However content plays a key role in how well you rank as well. This is for two reasons.

First your content must speak to your prospects. You only have seconds for a prospect to decide if they feel they are in the right place and that you (your company) can help them. People in business buy to get out of pain or to avoid pain all together.

For example, maybe their pain is lack of sales and they want to quickly assess if you can help them and that you work with companies like theirs. Meaning, you have worked with companies similar to their size or industry. Maybe they need a new phone system or conferencing system or have a problem and they want to decide quickly if you can help them.

Your content should talk to your prospects to assure them they are in the right place and you can help them. They also want to feel comfortable with you. People buy from people they like, know and trust.

Make sure you tell your prospect the next step. Ask them to call, fill out a contact form or sign up for a free report.

Second, adding content to your website is not a one-time event. Google likes websites that add fresh content on a regular basis. It shows them (search engines) that your website is active and relevant. This is where a blog or resource section on your website can be very useful.  Add images, graphics or videos whenever possible.

If  you are not a writer, outsource your writing to another company. Or you can find relevant articles or blogs that would be appropriate to your prospects, write a short paragraph on why you like the article. Then link to the original article to “Read the full article”. This short paragraph is considered original content and can help boost your website rankings.

If you would like more information on how to rank you website high on search engines or if you would like more information on creating content, please contact me for a free 20 minute consultation.