Do you used LinkedIn to find clients? Do you want to use it more effectively?

Improve Your Leads on LinkedIn

Here are five tips on how to use LinkedIn to better connect with leads.

  1. Optimize Your Profile
    The first step to success on LinkedIn is to make a profile that is professional, search-optimized, and client focused. It needs to speak to potential clients and how you can help them. Create keywords that potential clients would search for and place them strategically throughout your profile. Also you will need to create a headline that will make people want to click onto your profile.
  2. Join LinkedIn Groups
    The next step is to join LinkedIn groups because it is a great place to grow your network. Currently, you can join up to 50 groups. A common mistake is for people to mostly join industry specific groups but instead you should distribute 80% to groups that contain your ideal clients and 10% each to special interest groups and industry groups.
  3. Save Successful Advanced Searches
    When searching through LinkedIn’s excellent advance search options, save any searches that provide great results. With a free account you can save up to three searches. A good tip when searching is to remove first-degree connections from the search parameters since they are already a part of your network.
  4. Create a Sequence of Messages
    Now that you have started to build your network, you will need to build relationships with your new connections. A good start is to send your connections a personalized message thanking that person for connecting with you. After you feel that rapport has been established try to move the relationship offline, using Skype, a phone call, or an in-person meeting. To turn a prospect into a client, a real conversation needs to take place.
  5. Share Content with Your Network
    Try and use LinkedIn to establish yourself as an industry expert. To do this begin to create and curate information that would be of use or interest to potential clients. You can also post status updates and share information within LinkedIn groups. Posting in groups can enhance credibility and help build relationships with people within the group. But when posting in groups do not post promotional information about yourself or your business.

Overall, there are many other ways to use LinkedIn to increase leads but if you can dedicate some time every day to the above 5 ways you can increase leads and build valuable relationships.

Do you agree or disagree? What ways do you use LinkedIn to build connections or find leads? Please share in the comments below.

Disclaimer: Based on an article by Melonie Dodaro at