If you are looking to branch out on a new social media platform, Instagram could be the one. There are over 300 million active users on Instagram and that number keeps growing. This picture based platform can help you further connect with your audience and even attract new followers. The following are tips to successfully promote your business on Instagram.


Hashtags play one of the most important roles on Instagram. Relevant hashtags can be used in photos to categorize the type of photo you are posting and bring attention to it. By including hashtags in your post, people who are not following you can see the photo. By using common relevant hashtags you are broadening your reach to potential followers. Hashtags can be used to also increase the interaction on your pictures. Research has shown that the more hashtags a photo has, the more likes it will receive. To choose the right hashtags for you, do a quick search of the most popular hashtags and include only the ones that are relevant to your picture and business.

Build Trust  

It is important to establish yourself as an expert and trusted business in the early stages of creating your Instagram account. It is important to post about your business, experiences and testimonials to have a professional base for the account. This will help establish yourself as a trustworthy source before you promote your products or services. Having this expert base will allow the followers to trust your opinion and be more likely to purchase from you.

Connect with Influencers

Instagram has a large community of businesses and entrepreneurs. Like using most social media platforms, connecting with the influencers in the community can be a great way to promote your business. If followers can see that an influencer has liked your posts, then they will be more likely to view them.


Similar to Twitter, Instagram works on a timeline. On a user’s feed Instagram shows the newest photos first in which you have to scroll to see the older posts. This means that in order for your followers to see your posts they have to be relatively new. There isn’t a magic number of posts that will ensure maximum likes and follows, you need to see what works well for your business and audience. This can range from posting once every other day, to multiple times a day.

With dedication and persistence, Instagram could prove to be a successful tool in your social media marketing strategy.

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