Looking to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing?

Do you know what it takes to survive in today’s rigorous social media world?

Here are some social media tips and tools that will help you get the results you’re looking for with your social media marketing:

  1. Grow your audience using Twitter.
  • To be successful via social media, you have to learn what to create for your audience that excites them.  If you are new to microblogging, creating an audience first is more important than creating great content.
  • Some ways to build your following using Twitter:
  • Find people or organizations with the same interests and use their following to find people who will hopefully follow you back
  • Use the program twellow to enhance your ability to find targeted followers
  • Use unique Twitter search prompts to help make a more complete search. Click link below to get more details: https://support.twitter.com/articles/71577-using-advanced-search
  1. Use Visuals to help deliver content:

Pictures or infographs are a great way to add more value to content.  When posting visual content, keep in mind how it will ultimately drive traffic back to your website or products.  Be sure to expand on your content on your website.  For example; using Short Instagram Video loops to drive followers to an extended version on your YouTube channel.

  1. Treat Hootsuite as your best Friend

A great way to utilize ones time on all the various social media platforms out there is to take advantage of a management System tool such as Hootsuite.  Tools like Hootsuite help to keep a record and manage all your social media feeds at once.  By monitoring how many times your name is mentioned Hootsuite makes it easy to respond instantly and more frequent than ever.  Hootsuite also provides a tool that allows users to post date content that they want to be shared.  This will provide uniform posting for yourself and build a level of trust with your following because it becomes easier for your followers if they can anticipate when a new post will be sent out.

  1. Use hashtags strategically

Stop using random hash tags and start using good, popular hashtags to merge your content within the social media world.  Try using hashtags that are smaller and easier to type.   Consider using relatable hashtags that are the most frequently used online.  You can follow your hashtag and track its mentions using tools like; Social Mention and Sprout Social.

  1. Create your own blog posts using social media updates

Use the most popular Facebook post or Tweet and use this to make your own blog posts.  Create relevant and thought-provoking ideas that are easy to understand and well known to the general public already.  Stick to topics that people love and care about or would openly share with others.  If you’re going to be writing about a topic that many bloggers have written about in the past, be sure to include some fresh new information that can separate your content from what’s already been created in the past.

Blogging does not have to be a hobby, it can be a fantastic instrument to help provide a connection with your following while at the same time providing them with helpful information.

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