Strategies to Build Recognition for Your Small Business through LinkedInIn today’s world, for you to promote your business there are number of social media networks you can chose to utilize. However, the audience LinkedIn’s network provides is different from other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. LinkedIn provides the opportunity of connecting with professionals all around the world. Some people use LinkedIn to look for new positions or to move on with one’s career, however LinkedIn is underestimated for what it’s capable of. It can do more than just provide an individual a job, it is a great source to expand your network for small businesses. Success is determined in the way you use smart strategies in approaching your existing and potential customers.

  1. Construct a Company Page

A great way to represent your small business is through setting up a LinkedIn company page. By placing your company page in a professional network, you are increasing the probability of the success of your small business.

A smart strategy to increase your followers on your company page would be through connecting your company page with your personal profile. The information you post on the company page comes across better than it would have if you posted on your personal page. Information that a brand name provides is taken more seriously compared to an individual’s post.

  1. Construct a Personal Profile to highlight your Small Business

Personal profile’s is not optimized to the level it should be. One of many great qualities of personal profile is the opportunity they provide to present yourself as an individual who is behind the brand, and a way for you to build a professional reputation. To accommodate your personal profile according to your company page, let your personal profile feature the activities your business holds and provide links to the pages you would like to advertise such as your business website.

  1. Be Sure to Update Frequently

After you have created the company page, don’t desert it, be sure to update frequently and strategically. Through news posts, you should keep your professional community up-to-date with your company’s latest developments. Moreover, the posts should be relevant to the followers, such as creative tips, brand feature or products, or newly accomplished projects. These posts will give off the impression of your business as active and a page that is taken seriously in the professional world.

  1. Start-Up a Group

One of LinkedIn’s highly beneficial features is the ability to create a group that mainly focuses on a specific interest. According to your business a general topic should be taken into consideration to decide on the specific interest the new group should hold. Through this group, the members of the group should be engaged on the general topic of your business. For instance, stir up a discussion to keep the members involved and the group live, keeping in mind that the base of your updates and discussions are clearly linked with your business’s activities.

  1. Engage in Other Groups:

Starting up a group is beneficial, however you should not stop there. Take a step further and get involved with current communities to connect with others. The purpose of being active in other groups is not for you to post non-stop about your business on their pages, rather it is beneficial to get involved and have a real conversation that will build real ties to your business. The results through actually connecting will be much higher and satisfying than spamming other group discussions.

  1. Get Employees and Partners On Board:

The other members in your business should be actively involved with your LinkedIn activities. Potential customers will notice that your company page is followed by professionals who attain skills and experience, this will solidify your credibility. The chances of others following and being a part of your company page will be much higher. It will be easier for them to join in on conversations since they have already begun and the initial steps have been taken by your employees, therefore other joiners will have the impression of the company page’s posts being important and valuable since the posts are recognized by qualified individuals.

Have you tried any of these strategies on LinkedIn before? What were the results of doings so? Please share in the comments below.

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