Managing Facebook pages is one of the most common starting points for many of today’s small scale businesses. It has become so popular in fact many opt for a Facebook page instead of prioritizing their website. If you are running your own business and would like to maximize your use of Facebook pages, then you’re in luck. Here is a simple and easy to follow guide into making the most out of your Facebook page.

1) Make the most out of the real estate that Facebook provides


When you set up a page of your own, Faceboook will assist you in step-by-step type of tutorial and you’ll be able to provide as much information as you want with regards to your business and the products/services that you offer. While it is imperative that you provide as much information you can about what you are offering as a business, it is also important to note that Facebook can improve the way you present that information through its various features.

One such feature is the Facebook page tabs. These tabs appear right on top of the page and can serve as quick links to whatever you choose them to be. They can be photo albums, a welcome message, events calendar, special promos, or a map to your store. If it may be confusing at first, there are tons of tutorials to help you set up your tabs. A quick Google search will help you find out that information.

2) Make the most out of the content you share

With Facebook pages, the more information you share, the greater the possibility of interacting with your target customers and visibility in their own newsfeeds. However, some content are more appealing than others. A good image with a caption is so much better than paragraphs of texts that are too long to read. Images and infographics are an excellent way of grabbing the attention of your audience and hopefully get them to interact with your business more.  Other areas which images should be present include the profile photo, the Facebook cover and of course photo albums.

You can also schedule your updates to that you don’t need to be online everyday. Third party applications like HooteSuite or RavenSEO and other similar websites offer this feature with additional monitoring tools to make your Facebook page management so much more efficient.

3) Be social and be informed

While it’s true that making your Facebook page the best it can be is very important, none of it matters unless you have people liking your page and following your business. So do your homework and start looking for influencers and leaders in your industry so that you can connect with them and discuss what’s new and what’s relevant. This will help you get your name out there and build a reputation. The best way to start with this is by using hashtags. You can use hashtag searching in Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Hashtags will help you find people you actually want to get in touch with and contribute in relevant topics.

Additionally, you can also go into communities and groups that are related to your business or industry. For sure you’ll be able to find influencers and even your main target market interacting within that community.

Facebook pages can be a powerful tool which can help you not only grow your business but also your reputation on the web. Follow this simple guide to maximize the potential of your Facebook page.