Thank you for your purchase.

We will contact you within 1 business day to get some additional information so that we may set up your new website.

Some of the items we need to complete your website are:

  1. A logo if available (jpg or gif format).
  2. Your contact information (What information do you want on your contact page).
  3. The page or tab  names you wish us to set up in your navigation bar.
  4. Content (page copy, additional images,etc) for your website.

If you have this information ready to email now, you may forward to

Design Note: We are able to offer these websites for a very affordable price point as we will work within the templates design to add your company logo, contact information and content. Altering the template design in any way is not included in the price of the website set-up. We suggest that before you consider making design changes, first review the completed website. At that point should you request modifications to the design, we will supply a quotation for your approval before any modifications are started.

Content Note: There are very few websites where our customers have all the content (text for pages, additional images, etc) ready at the time we create their website. If you do, great, we will be more than happy to add your content to your website or any content that you have available. However, at these low prices, we only add content to your site in one sitting. I’m sure you can appreciate that at this price point, we cannot afford to continually update your website. We will supply you with tutorials on how to do basic updates to your website such as adding pages, images, navigation tabs and modifying text. If you would rather IED Web Marketing to manage your future updates, we would be pleased to offer that service at a very affordable rate.

Should you have any questions, please call our office at (647) 405-6711 or toll free at 1(877) 482-4050 ext 251.