LIFETIME LEADS- Course Overview

Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Business
Company with EmployeesBusiness Owner or Solopreneur


The number one challenge for businesses today is the ability to generate new business leads on a consistent basis. This training will enable your small or large business to consistently and systematically identify, attract and close new customers.

In this intensive training course, participants will learn how to effectively find and generate sales leads for your business. The course is delivered in a classroom setting where you will learn various strategies to communicate, market and close new sales opportunities. After each lesson, there will be a hands-on workshop where you and other businesses will collaborate and put into works what you have learned before moving on to the next training module.

This training is delivered in a way where upon completion of the training, you will have effective strategies in place, know how to execute and start implementation of the training learned immediately following the program.

In this intensive three-day course, we will cover will learn:

Day One

  1. How to identify your target market.
  2. How to identify your customers pain points.
  3. To develop your Unique Selling Proposition.
  4. How to create messaging to attract new customers.

Day Two

  1. Where to find and identify leads.
  2. Social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram).
  3. Search Engine Optimization Basics.
  4. Online Advertising (Google, Social Media, Display and Remarketing).
  5. Email Marketing and using autoresponders.
  6. Content marketing (articles, blogs, emails, videos).

Day Three

  1. How to use funnels and landing pages to drive leads.
  2. How to create videos that sell.
  3. Using online services such as Alignable, Referral Key, Opportunity, etc.
  4. How to handle objections effectively.
  5. How to increase conversions


Upon conclusion on this 3-day course, participants will know how to generate leads on a consistent basis and nurture those leads.

Each participant will have created a customized lead generation strategy for their company including:

  • Effective communication and messaging.
  • Identified the most effective platforms for finding leads.
  • An effective social media strategy.
  • Knowledge on how to optimize website, social media and videos.
  • Ability to set up online advertising campaigns.
  • Skills on how to create effective content.
  • How to manage objections and increase close rates.

Each participant will also complete the training with the following in hand:

  • A working autoresponder with written email campaigns
  • Four completed videos for marketing.
  • A working funnel and landing page to attract customers.
  • A Certificate of Effective Communication and Digital Marketing.

The Leads Hub will also provide ongoing assistance if required for a 30-day period following the training.

Who should attend this training:

If your business is challenged with the peaks and valleys of sales lead generation, this course will enable your company to generate consistent leads, month after month ensuring predicable and stable growth for your company.

Ideal for sales, marketing and anyone involved in business development.

This is an in-person workshop delivered in a Toronto location (404 & 407 area) starting in September. Space is limited.

There are two different programs to choose from. If your business is struggling to get a consistent flow of sales leads, I encourage you to complete the appropriate form below for more information.

Company with Employees

I am a business with employees and one or more of my employees may take this course. Businesses who register employees to take this training be eligible for a government grant to cover the majority of course fees.

Business Owner or Solopreneur

I am a small business or solopreneur with no employees. I will take the course myself.

I Cannot Wait for The Training

I get it. You are interested in taking the Lifetime Leads Course, however the next training seems too far away, and your business requires sales leads sooner. Click here for a 20- minute strategy session.