If you hear about social media for your business, you must be asking yourself the following questions

  • How can I leverage social media so that I can impact my business immediately?
  • I don’t have time and resources to be on social media. Most often, I don’t understand all of the changes going on. I feel stuck. Is there any service for businesses like ours?
  • Is Social Media worth the time I’m going to invest for my business?
  • Why is Social Media needed for my business?
  • If you are asking yourself the above questions, you may consider registering for one of the following sessions. What’s unique about these sessions is that we provide digital media savvy students to help you accomplish your business goals for FREE.

Registration benefits include…

  1. Get new customers by learning how similar businesses to you are using social media to grow their own business
  2. Save time by having our social media students help build your social media presence for you
  3. Expand and sustain your businesses by joining a local mastermind of like minded individuals
  4. Get FREE bonus coupons that will help you continue to build your online presence


“Are you Gen Y Ready?” (Oct 9th) 6PM to 9PM

Do you feel stuck in growing your business? Did you know engaging “Generation Me” (today’s youth) could increase your revenues by 50%?

Do you feel stuck in:

  • Identifying your target customer?
  • Telling your customers what is your unique value proposition?
  • Growing your business?

Have you considered asking the youth to review your marketing materials? Review your story?
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With over 80 million youths living in North America, knowing how to engage “Generation me” (today’s youth) in buying from your or working for you is key to the success and sustainability of any business.

Join us on October 9th and learn the 3 secrets you need in how to engage this generation. Ask them for advice in telling your story via social media. Ask them to teach you in how to target your customers (online).

BONUS OFFER: You will also learn what successful companies such as Apple, Jet Blue, and Red Bull are doing in growing their business by engaging “Generation me”.

In this unique workshop, you will leave with ideas in how to tell your story, how to target your customers (online) and how to be engaging.

**This workshop is for businesses that are at the beginner to advanced level of social media.

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“Getting it Right vs. Being Right” (Nov 13th) 6PM to 9PM

What sets successful companies apart is they know how to use their environment to build products/services that people want to buy. They have clearly articulated their message and know how to target their customers. In this workshop you will learn concepts of crowd sourcing and learn how to engage social media in order to ensure you have the right product/service, have the tools required to make the changes, have the right communication and know how to target your customers.

**This workshop is for businesses that are at the beginner to advanced level of social media.

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By participating you will:

  • Save Time: let our students build your social media applications for you to generate new business and/or increase your business
  • Get Fresh Ideas: you will be meeting new business owners, highly trained digital media students and participate in a unique mastermind that is designed to grow

In each workshop, after our content has been delivered, you will have an opportunity to work with our social media students to help you implement any changes you may want to see for your business.

One Million acts of Innovation is a not-for-profit designed to enable acts of innovation by engaging communities that traditionally wouldn’t come together. We believe empowering Canada is the responsibility of each and every individual and business. By registering to attend one of our complimentary workshops, you are agreeing to:

Engage with a local mastermind community that has made a commitment to flourish not only your individual business but also the businesses in your region. We are asking everyone to share breakthroughs and breakdowns to everyone in the local mastermind groups.

On the day of your workshop, please don’t forget the following:

      1. Arrive 15 minutes early so you can get a good spot in the room.
      2. Bring a laptop and ensure that you you have all of your log in information for Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and other social media application account.
      3. Bring your business cards.

All workshops are held at:

Holland Landing Room
The Town of East Gwillimbury
19000 Leslie Street
Sharon, ON L0G 1V0


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