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Maximize Your Reach on Google Plus

Google + is an amazing trending social media platform. It is a great tool to attract potential customers and interact with them to create relationships. The following are tips on what you should do to make the most of your Google + account! Business Pages To create a Business page on Google + you must have your own personal profile. This includes selecting your business category, adding business keywords to your tagline and including links to other social media websites to your overview. The first thing you are prompted to do when creating the business page is selecting which category best defines your business. This will help potential customers find your business when they search for that category. When adding keywords, remember to only add a few details relevant to your business as keyword stuffing can have a negative effect on your Google ranking. Once completed these sections allow your page to be found and can easily transfer viewers from your Google plus page to all other relevant business pages. Just as your keywords have to be relevant, your cover photo should be as well. Just remember when choosing a cover photo to use on close to the maximum size restriction to prevent the image from coming out grainy. Use Circles Unlike Facebook or Twitter, in Google + you can segment the people you follow. This allows you to...

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6 Brilliant Strategies to Build Recognition for Your Small Business through LinkedIn

In today’s world, for you to promote your business there are number of social media networks you can chose to utilize. However, the audience LinkedIn’s network provides is different from other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. LinkedIn provides the opportunity of connecting with professionals all around the world. Some people use LinkedIn to look for new positions or to move on with one’s career, however LinkedIn is underestimated for what it’s capable of. It can do more than just provide an individual a job, it is a great source to expand your network for small businesses. Success is determined in the way you use smart strategies in approaching your existing and potential customers. Construct a Company Page A great way to represent your small business is through setting up a LinkedIn company page. By placing your company page in a professional network, you are increasing the probability of the success of your small business. A smart strategy to increase your followers on your company page would be through connecting your company page with your personal profile. The information you post on the company page comes across better than it would have if you posted on your personal page. Information that a brand name provides is taken more seriously compared to an individual’s post. Construct a Personal Profile to highlight your Small Business Personal profile’s is not...

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5 Minute Content

Having a hard time trying to figure out your next blog post? Or maybe you’re just pressed for time this week and cannot spend the hours you normally do to create your content pieces. Your content does not always need to be lengthy or complicated. It can be simple and short yet still  effective. Here are 5 Easy Alternatives for Creating Engaging and Creative content in a Flash! Answer a question in a video: Inexpensive and easy to create, videos provide a great way to engage your audience. Whether on a camera, smartphone or laptop, videos can easily be uploaded to any platform and shared. One way of using videos as content pieces is to record yourself or an employee of the company answering a question about your product or service that customers have frequently asked about. Make the video as simple and genuine as possible to better connect with your followers. Share an album of photos: Pictures are worth a thousand words! Photos can be a creative way to tell a particular story your brand wants to share with your followers. It can be as simple as having a behind the scenes look into the company or even insider information on the next product or service. This type of technique allows your brand to effectively create a visual blog post around a particular theme. Reflect on a quote:...

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4 Tips to Help Build Customer Confidence & Credibility for Your Online Business

Being an online company can work seamlessly for you and your employees but that doesn’t mean it always does for your customers. It can become tricky to prove to your customer base that you are still valuable and credible when you don’t have a physical location. It is common in this day and age to have a business solely online, but many customers do have the mindset of wanting to see a physical location. To gain this customer base’s trust you will need creative ways to earn that trust. Creditability must always be earned, and the best way is to deliver high quality customer service while reinforcing the company brand. Below are four tips that can help to attract and retain customers online. #1: Think of your website as your storefront Your website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate, and familiarize newcomers. In a service focused market if your website looks homemade or unprofessional there is a low chance to make it. You will want to use smart web tools and a reliable host, and keep it current. Invest in the website telling your story and telling it well and create something like a bio page for yourself and employees to help humanize the company. Finally make sure that your content is compelling, professional and error free. #2: Ask and instruct your customers on how to do...

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How to Generate High Quality Leads Through Social Media

Social Media can serve as a gateway for high quality leads. To be able to utilize social media to its fullest potential can easily become as a competitive advantage for any business. Targeting your customer or audience no longer means creating an advertisement to catch their attention; it’s about creating an online environment for sharing information. Advertising has now become secondary to the new methods of lead generation. The fundamental rule of social media that businesses need to remember is the impact of information sharing. Spreading knowledge about your business help your customers make better decisions. It is also important to remember to interact and start a conversation with your audience, instead of directing the message in a single stream. You might think this is easier said than done, when in fact it can be if you consider these 6 strategies to generate more leads. Crowdsource Content and Build a Community This is where most of the idea generation occurs. In producing high quality content, looking for inspiration and influence online is ideally where you want to start. This can be achieved by interacting with industry leaders, entrepreneurs and academicians to build a knowledgeable network. Building a community online with people outside the organization can add value to your to business. Target Customer Personas Too often businesses forget who they trying to target. Social media is not a free-for-all...

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