Author: Ken Wells

Why a Small Business Needs a Podcast

Podcasts are an interactive approach to content marketing that have gone underutilized in many industries. Small businesses can gain a lot from starting a podcast and here are a few reasons why. Connect with the Audience By creating a podcast you can connect with your audience at a deeper level. They get to be able to interact with you in a setting that is more personable than reading text. This will have them feel as though they have developed a more personal relationship and create returning viewers and potential customers. When creating your podcast, keep in mind it needs...

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B2B Buyers Guide – Control the Buying Process

By the time a prospective customer contacts your business, on average, they have already completed 57% of their decision making. This leaves your business little time to help influence their decision. In order to help influence these customers to purchase from you, they must have all of the necessary information available. If there is sufficient product or service information on the company website it will help the customer begin their decision making with your business in mind. This information is known as a buyer’s guide. A buyer’s guide can be particularly helpful with B2B businesses as many companies feel...

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6 Tips to get your Blog Real Attention Quickly

Blogging has evolved to the point where anyone can set up their own page, from small businesses to chief executives. However writing a blog post that captivates customers and keeps them interested in what your business is doing can be a challenge. Follow these tips to help you supercharge your business’ blog and get real attention from your customers. Speak your Audience’s Language Consumers today do a lot of research before they buy. They are experts in your industry before they even make contact with your business. In your blog posts, you should try and use industry terms that...

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Awesome Social Media Marketing Tips

Looking to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing? Do you know what it takes to survive in today’s rigorous social media world? Here are some social media tips and tools that will help you get the results you’re looking for with your social media marketing: Grow your audience using Twitter. To be successful via social media, you have to learn what to create for your audience that excites them.  If you are new to microblogging, creating an audience first is more important than creating great content. Some ways to build your following using Twitter: Find people or...

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Use Social Media Influencers to Your Advantage

Influencers are a major part of connecting with your customers in today’s market. Influencers are respected bloggers/journalists/foodies, or whatever the descriptor for their particular industry may be. Potential customers look to these people before making the decision to purchase a product. Using an influencer’s equity to help market your business or product can be crucial in getting customers to take the next step and make a purchase from your business. These four tips will teach you how to get the influencers of social media working for you. Co-Create Content and Customize Campaigns Influencers are respected by their followers, people follow influencers because they are professionals in their industry. Using stock images or campaign material will not impress influencers and their followers. Businesses must work with their chosen influencer and create content that would flow naturally with other content they post. Customize the marketing campaign to align with influencers. Define the brands challenge, outline campaign objectives and the audience at the beginning of the campaign. You want to make sure your campaign goals worded in a way that influencers would naturally say to their audience. You don’t want to be putting words in the mouths of your influencers, as potential consumers will see through the campaign. Allowing influencers to be themselves with a bit of guidance from your brand works best. Give your Influencers something they Value Influencers become influencers...

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