Author: Ken Wells

Four Elements a Successful Infographic Need

An Infographic is an image that displays information in a visual form. Infographics can be used to present data, statistics and knowledge pertaining to your business in an intriguing way rather than plain text. Your business can use infographics to engage the audience in your content and attract them to your website. They are easily shared on all of your social media platforms, and because infographics are engaging, they produce social sharing from your audience. If an infographic is done correctly with the right design and content, they can greatly attract your audience and drive traffic. A successful infographic...

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Successful Tips to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization [SEO], is an initiative set out to help users of search engines find the highest quality and most relevant content possible.  SEO serves as the missing link between the consumer and the content.  SEO is an on going process of delivering the best possible user experience through organic search results.  Here are some keys to successful SEO: Being Original is a Good Thing Find stories first, find stories often & figure out a variety of ways to make your topic compelling to your audience.  The ultimate goal should always be to get people to share, link...

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What to Avoid When Using Social Media for Business

Are you a small business owner? Do you use social media to promote your business? If you don’t and are interested in promoting your business through social media, these tips are for you. Whether you’d like to use Facebook, Twitter or Google+, there are a few things that should be considered regarding your actions on these pages. There are a lot of Do’s of how to promote your social media pages, and sometimes the Don’ts are overlooked. Below are three things that should be avoided when using social media for business: Skipping the Plan Process A large number of...

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What you need to know about Marketing on Snapchat

Snapchat has gained an infamous reputation around the world for its more scandalous features. Thus, when people think of Snapchat, they usually don’t think about it in the sense of “how can I use this platform to reach my customers?” With a user base of 60 million people and 16.5 million daily users, isn’t it time marketers began thinking about the marketing potential of this network? Marketers need to be where people are paying attention. Snapchat is most popular with 15 – 25 year olds. If your customers are in this demographic you should think about jumping on the...

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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Business

If you are looking to branch out on a new social media platform, Instagram could be the one. There are over 300 million active users on Instagram and that number keeps growing. This picture based platform can help you further connect with your audience and even attract new followers. The following are tips to successfully promote your business on Instagram. Hashtags Hashtags play one of the most important roles on Instagram. Relevant hashtags can be used in photos to categorize the type of photo you are posting and bring attention to it. By including hashtags in your post, people...

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