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Great Online Marketing Tips That Delivers Growth, Traffic & Great Conversations

Ranking Blog Posts For those who treat blogging as a religion, if there has ever been a time where one of your uploaded blog posts has been ranked a top hit for search result keywords, take advantage of this unique traffic. You can do this by creating an additional link on your website for the new traffic the content in your blog has created. This will increase the value each organic visitor gets because of the additional content provided. Be sure to include professional opinions, tutorials, and videos to keep interaction high with your audience. Titles are your Best Friend A good title can help your subject matter significantly! A good title informs your readers what they ought to prepare themselves to read and more importantly why. A Title of an article should already captivate your audience without the reader even getting into the main purpose of the content. This shows your audience that there is valuable content that needs to be considered before they leave to another webpage. Effective describing words and adjectives help to strengthen the overall results a specific blog post holds. Don’t be afraid to try new and spontaneous ways to communicate to your audience (pretend your blogs are the local daily news during the 6 o’clock time slot on the TV) that always makes for great material. Don’t forget to include key words to...

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How to Adjust Your Twitter Strategy

When creating your initial social media strategy, collecting feedback should be included. Collecting feedback on how well your strategy is working can be crucial to the survival of your social media pages and can give you beneficial information on your business and how well the strategy is working. One form of feedback is the response you receive from your interaction on social media. When looking at Twitter in specific this is in the form of tweets, hashtags, retweets, favorites, following and even unfollowing. When looking at your audience’s behavior in relation to your page and post you can see if your strategy is working and in what ways it needs to be improved. Here are a few good ways you can evaluate your twitter strategy to improve interaction. Influencers In your initial social media strategy a target market is determined. One thing you can to do attract those in the target market is to see who the influencers are for that target. Influencers are people or pages on social media that have a high following and high impact on a particular location or demographic. By looking at who is leading the conversations within your target and evaluating their conversation, it can give you valuable information on how to align your content with your target audience. It can be hard to find the leading influencers so using a media-monitoring tool...

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Take Control of your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

Today 88% of business enterprises are using social media to help market their brands. Not all of these business are finding the same level of success. Businesses must continuously manage their social media platforms for sharing relevant content and growing a community. To begin your marketing strategy you need to align your social media presence in a manner that is cohesive with your measurable business outcomes. You have to optimize your approach to social media. The best way to succeed at social media is through engagement with existing and prospective customers. This is one of the most crucial steps in implementing a marketing strategy through social media, you must stay at the top of your customer’s minds. Businesses must also be able to identify who its customers are, and also the people who influence them. Managers have to appreciate how customers discover content, consume content and what provokes them to take action on social media. If marketing managers can understand these levels of customer thinking they can interact with customers more successfully. Use these insights to ensure that your business is providing relevant and valuable content to buyers. If possible try and provide quality content that influencers on social media can use to further their objectives, in turn generating more interest around your business and brand. One of the key stages of a social media marketing plan is the...

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5 Social Media Pitfalls That Could Hurt Your Business

Social media can be a powerful resource for business; to reach and interact with your audience and share your brand. But it can be harmful if you do not properly manage your social media channels. Below are 5 pitfalls many businesses run into. #1: Spam Sandwich Most business owners are used to traditional advertising methods and that tends to transfer over to when they use social media. Push vs pull marketing can be new to them and they learn the hard way that spamming users can make them look bad. The value of social media for marketing and advertising relies on the relationships you can build with potential customers, which are built on trust and rapport. The goal for marketers on social media is to create content that your audience wants to share and discuss. #2: Customer Complaints In the past a business could still thrive despite having a rude owner or poor customer service but with rise of the internet the game has changed. Now when one customer as a bad experience and posts a review online potentially hundreds or even thousands of people can see it. Instead of being rude over negative reviews address customer complaints and find out why there was a negative review. Promptness in answering customer complaints on social media is important as well. 42% of customers expect a response within 60 minutes. #3:...

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Affordable Ways to Make Your Profile Stand out

Start-up budgets may put a damper on polishing your business profiles. These five easy steps will help your social media profiles to standout on various industry-associated websites. 1. Consistent branding Consistent branding does not cost a thing but is valuable to every company. When consumers look at your content online everything should look and give the same feel across all networks. Simple tips to help keep content consistent is to keep the same bio and keep the same header and photo. 2. Professional headshots Professional headshots are more affordable than you may think. Headshot packages start as low as $50, a price every startup business can afford. 3. An Excellent bio You may get a professional writer to help position and brand your bio for all of your social media profiles. Have your bio custom tailored to a variety of lengths by a professional. You may find a writer through sites such as Fiverr or hire a local professional. 4. Great graphics Designers can help create custom graphics tailored to your brand that will be optimized by a variety of social-media backgrounds. 5. Consistent Updates A free and smart way to have your online profile stand out is to have valuable content. On all social media networks stay engaged and interact with your audience. Stay relevant and continue to work on getting your point across. Based on Original Article:...

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